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    Bookshelf/Ladder Shelf with Drawers, 5 Tier Tall Bookcase, Modern Open Book Case for Bedroom, Living Room, Office

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    • STRONG & STABLE: Bookshelf is made of high-density bamboo. It has decor support bar on both sides and back to make the bookshelf more stable and prevent falling.
    • ELEGANT & PRACTICAL: Bookshelf is suitable for various home decor styles. It can be used as a book shelf, storage shelves, plant stand or display shelf. Each shelf is spaced 12.2 inches apart and can hold up to 66 pounds.
    • SAFE & HEALTHY: Bookshelf is made by purely physical methods and glued with natural gum, so it is free of formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals.
    • EASY to ASSEMBLE: You will take about 40 minutes to install WTZ bookshelf. Using the foot mats we provide can make the bookshelf more stable and protect the floor.
    • ECO-FRIENDLY: Forests help maintain ecological balance. So we using bamboo instead of wood to produce furniture to protect forest resources.

    The benefits of bamboo furniture

    • 1. Ecologically Sound


      • The importance of forests was mentioned above. Using bamboo instead of wood to produce furniture is an effective measure to protect forest resources.


      2. Safe & Healthy


      • The natural resin glue used in the splicing of bamboo is free of formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals, thus avoiding the harmful effects of formaldehyde on the human body. And the high-grade bamboo furniture is carbonized, which can effectively remove the harmful components in the air and improve the home air.


      3. Sturdy & Durable


      • Compared with wood, bamboo is harder and denser, so it is less prone to wear and tear. With a small coefficient of thermal expansion, bamboo is less prone to deformation and cracking. And it's also waterproof and soundproof.


      4. Anti-insect & Anti-mildew


      • In the process of making bamboo furniture, the parasites and sugar, fat, starch and protein inside the bamboo are eliminated by high temperature and carbonization, so bamboo furniture has superb resistance to insects and mildew.


      5. Rustic & Elegant


      • Bamboo's growth radius is smaller than that of wood, and is less affected by sunlight, so the bamboo home has a natural bamboo pattern, and the color is even and beautiful, looking very rustic and elegant.


      6. Warm in Winter and Cool in Summer


      • Due to the natural characteristics of bamboo's low thermal conductivity and high specific heat capacity, so bamboo furniture will always be at a comfortable temperature while regulating the room temperature.

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